I’m sure most men that are into working out are already quite familiar with the importance of protein in muscle building. However, when looking at muscle growth, it is essential to know that building muscle also requires carbs, water, a good diet and more. The following are 5 of the most vital foods for a brawny physique:

  1. Foods rich in protein – Our muscles are made up mainly of protein and water. This means that consuming the right amount of proteins is vital for good muscle growth. It is recommended that a good portion of the calories you that you eat come from protein. Some foods that are rich in protein include fish, nuts, chicken, beans, seeds, and beef. However, make sure to also consume plenty of muscle-building foods with plenty of amino acids and a variety of protein shakes as well. This is in order to get as many different types of amino acid into your body. Why? Because even though your muscles are made of protein,  that protein is made up of amino acids. They are the basic building blocks of muscles. It is convenient to try and get your protein from as many different sources as you can in order to broaden your consumption of different amino acids and help you gain a brawny physique.
  2. Protein shakes – Protein shakes are highly effective at increasing your muscle mass due to a number of proteins that you can find in them. And as stated before, this is important because aside from water your muscles are mainly just protein. Protein helps your body to recover and repair itself. It also helps you build bigger and stronger muscles after a good workout. Plus, it’s a good source of protein if you do not have the time to make yourself the appropriate protein-rich foods.
  3. Water – Try drinking at least a liter of water daily. Dehydrated muscles take a lot longer to repair themselves than hydrated ones. Plus, drinking water helps your muscles look bigger too.
  4. Carbohydrates  – Carbohydrates are used by your body mainly to provide you with energy. Eating the right amount of carbohydrates can help you have the energy you need during extensive workout sessions. I usually recommend getting your carbs from oatmeal, wheat bread, sweet potatoes and wild rice. This ensures a stable blood sugar level, leading to superb energy.
  5. Healthy fats – Healthy fats are not only essential for both your brain and your heart, but also for energy and hormone regulation. If not enough healthy fats are included in your diet, then your testosterone levels may begin to drop. This is NOT good. You definitely want good levels of testosterone in your body if you plan on ever achieving a brawny physique. Simply stated, testosterone is the hormone that makes a man manly.

Well, those are five of the vital foods that I’d highly recommend to anyone serious about getting a brawny physique. As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to give up good food to get ripped. Why not start right away?

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