According to Dr. Jane Greer, when couples exercise together, it can have a positive impact on the relationship; physically and emotionally. Today, we’ll take a look at 10 surefire ways the gym can sharpen your relationship.

  1. Motivation – Everyone has their ups and down. However, if you have someone waiting for you at the gym, then you are more likely to be encouraged and motivated to go work out after all.
  2. Quality time – Quality time takes on a whole other meaning when you train with your partner. Not only are you talking and having a good time, you are also both pushing yourselves to your physical and mental limits.
  3. Good looks – Let’s face it, hitting the gym together has its advantages. Not only do you burn all those unwanted calories you’ve been complaining about all week, but you also get to sharpen your looks for your partner. Because come on, who doesn’t love a good body?
  4. Transparency of emotions – Training can bring out the best and the worst in you. Going to the gym is always a roller coaster of emotions. One minute you feel great, and the other you feel like throwing in the towel. If you still love your partner after seeing him/her go through that, then you are truly meant to be.
  5. A shared diet – Losing weight and eating healthy becomes much easier if someone accompanies you. You no longer have to stare at someone else’s food since most likely you’re both eating the same thing.
  6. Knowing each other’s goals – When you train with your partner, the odds that you lose sight of your goals are diminished. Imagine being with someone who is constantly reminding you to keep going. You would likely never give up your goal.
  7. Taking a day off together – You both know hard you have trained and look forwards to relaxing. What better way to spend that relaxing day than with someone who deserves it just as much as you do?
  8. Less fighting – Life can be very stressful sometimes but exercising always makes you feel better. This is a result of the endorphins produced through exercise. This will help you relax and avoid starting a fight in your relationship.
  9. Empathy – In the end, it is the person who knows exactly what you are going through who can best identify with your training problems. They know exactly what it’s like to have a bad day and can be very helpful at making you feel better.
  10. New relationship levels – Whether you realize it or not, training together can take the relationship to another level. This is because you get to go through a lot good times and bad times together. Everything from losing weight or learning a new workout technique to finally getting that 6 pack or flat stomach you’ve been after.

Just like being in a relationship, taking care of your body also requires commitment, time, and effort. Training together is not only a surefire way to sharpen your relationship, but it also makes you feel healthy and fit. So what are you waiting for? Go get your partner and hit the gym!

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